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Spend more time finding GOLD and less time setting up equipment!

Jabbit is the ONLY deep water stand available!

Works in 10-30" of water!


The patented Jabbit sluice stand is the only deep water,  self-driving stake with solid steel construction available.  It can be used with many brands, sizes and widths of sluice boxes. To use it,  just "Jabb-it" into the sediment, slide on the "T-bar" to stabilize the bottom of your sluice box , attach your sluice to the "sluice box bar",  slide your sluice box onto the stand and adjust for your desired height in the water. The Jabbit sluice stand can be submerged into depths of 10 - 30 inches of water. Your sluice box  will float effortlessly with its weathervane action in the current and stay in place without any extra rock stabilization. When you are ready to empty your material, just slide your sluice box off, empty it, and slide it back onto the stake. You're sluicing again in minutes. When your done sluicing, the self-driving stake is built with an gritted handle and inner sleeve, so with a reverse pull up, it will then extract itself from the sediment. 

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If you have any questions or comments regarding the JABBIT sluice standplease contact me. 

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The Creek 

The place where crystal-clear water pulses through the lush veins of the riverbed where the moonlit fish flop 

gracefully out of the shimmering water, 


A true sanctuary of peace

where the soft humming of water 

fills you ears with a harmonic rhyme, 

Frenzied insects buzz around mindlessly

over the hypnotic mist of the water, 


A place of serenity, gingerly expecting

the ever-changing seasons as they        flow by slowly, 

Children giggling happily as they wade with the curious, nibbling fish

Jade green leaves falling generously into the embracing water below, 

Red-tailed beauties gently hovering under the rushing surface of their underwater kingdom, 

Sweet daisies grazing the edge of the river, giving off their intoxicating aroma

My most cherished place where I can relax with the river, and spend endless hours chatting with the fish.

Katherine Lyczek

Building of Jabbit sluice stand
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The "Jabbit" shown here is holding a Keene A52 sluice box. The driving stake is a self-pounding stake that can be set in 10 - 30 inches of water. The sluice box bracket that attaches to your sluice box allows you to mount it on the driving stake. It is adjustable to fit many widths of sluice boxes. To attach your sluice box flare, drill 2 holes in your sluice box and secure it with the provided bolts and nuts. The T-bar sits below your sluice box to support it and keep it from dipping down in the water.  The yellow L-rods on the T-bar do not need to fit tightly against or be attached to your sluice box. They are there to help you locate the T-bar in the water while placing your sluice box on the driving stake.

The patented Jabbit sluice stand holding a sluice box.

Sluice box in deep water held by Jabbit

Jabbit sluice box stand is firmly holding a sluice box in 30" deep, fast moving water. 

Jabbit holding sluice box in active creek.
Sluice box held by Jabbit