"Jabbit" sluice stand
  • "Jabbit" sluice stand

    SKU: 2016815

    The Jabbit sluice box stand is only deep water stand that allows your sluice box to weathervane with the current flow. The driving stake has a gritted grip for handling in water and a welded steel collar on the inside for easy removal from the sediment. It weighs 12 pounds when assembled and disassembles easily for transportation. Rock dam building is not necessary to stabilize the Jabbit in the sediment. The Jabbit stand can be submerged into depths from 10 to 30 inches of water. The Jabbit Sluice Box Bar accomodiates sizes from 4" to 18" widths if mounted outside the sluice box or 10" if mounted on the inside . The Jabbit T- Bar adjusts from 10" to 18" widths. The Jabbit ships partially unassembed with easy and simple instructions for setup. The shipping box will contain a Driving Stake, Sluice Box Bar (including two 2" long 3/8" Bolts & Lock Nuts to mount your sluice box), T-BarL-Rods and instuctions. 

    • Jabbit Warranty

      The Jabbit is warranted from welding defects for 30 days from delivery. If defects are found, contact our company for replacement instructions by emailing jabbit.lcc@gmail.com or calling 509-863-3842. This warranty is void due to any misuse by the consumer.