On a Saturday morning, I had never heard of the "Jabbit". Late in the morning my prospecting partner and I were at a small town event and we met the inventor of the Jabbit and decided to purchase it from the Jabbit booth. Saturday afternoon we were on the stream laughing our tails off. It works even better than we had ever hoped. No more fighting to get the sluice box set right, no more looking for the right size rock to help angle it, balance it or keep it from floating away. The "Jabbit" was used the rest of a three day weekend and even after cleaning up and enjoying out last meal together before we headed home, we were still singing the praises of the "Jabbit". If you run a sluice box get one.

Merrit, Spokane, Washington


For years I have struggled with securing and leveling my sluice box in a moving stream, but with the "Jabbit" I was able to do so in less than 3 minutes. My favorite part of the design of the "Jabbit" is the Jabbit driving stake that can be easily anchored in a stream bed in seconds WITHOUT  having to hold the sluice box at the same time. Then the "Jabbit" driving stake is secure, the sluices box slides on easily and can be leveled at the correct angle without any hassle whatsoever. What a truly amazing product!

John, Spokane, Washington